The older we get, the more obstacles prevent us from spending the quality time with family or friends we've grown a custom to over the years. Though friends and family do their best to visit, sometimes it feels like they can't be there enough. It's not their fault though, and it's not for their lack of love. Studies have shown that the average family caregivers ride a delicate balance between taking care of themselves, their own family and kids, and seniors they love. What that basically means, it's just a time thing; as in there's not enough of it in the day to accomplish everything they want to.

This is why senior companion care, or companionship care, can play a helpful role in filling the time gaps and providing the necessary interaction one needs to stay happy and healthy.

Companion care is a home health care option for generally healthy seniors living at home. Companions provide the emotional support, and conversational connections that help keep seniors engaged and mentally active. This may seem like a simple thing, but the role of interaction and conversation in senior's lives is vital to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle at home.

  • Live-in 24/7 Care
    • Family Respite
    • Oral Hygiene Care
    • Nursing Assessment
    • Hair and Skin Care
    • Taking Vitals

    • Motivation and Companionship
    • Bed Making and Dust Furniture
    • Toileting & Incontinence Care
    • Dressing and Grooming Assistance
    • Assist with Special Eating Needs
    • Bill Organizing
    • Light Housekeeping and Laundry


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